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Invesil is helping companies protect and mitigate workspace, schools and other venues to help enable the transition back to the workspace.

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INVESIL could help protecting your workplace, school, and residential buildings with our intelligent coating products.

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INVESIL not only protects your air ducts, vents, and air-flow systems to ensure a healthy and environmentally friendly air-quality but also inhibits biofilm formation and corrosion.

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Our team could help you protecting and preparing the venues before, during, and after events, ensuring the safety of attendees and staff.

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Our technical experts conduct a thorough assessment of your sites, venues, and locations to help you understand which product and application to choose. Also, where to purchase our products based on your volume requirement.

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Whether you are protecting your school, or cleaning and preparing a venue for a large event, INVESIL can provide you a turnkey solution designed to meet your budget.

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INVESIL PROTECTION logo is a three layered sticker. First, remove the bottom layer with 3M print and attached to the surface to be coated. After coating application, wait for 15-30 minutes and remove the top transparent layer carefully. This will leave behind the metallic INVESIL Logo.

Use 3M PPS adapter and PPS disposable cups with lid and 3M PPS Mini cup and Collar. Available at Amazon store. Highly recommended using LVLP air spray guns with moisture trap filter. Inlet pressure below 15 psi. Set the distance of spray pattern accordingly. Single or double uniform spray run is enough for good coverage. Clean the spray gun, best with tert-butyl acetate solvent or acetone.

Cleaning of air propelled spray gun is easier when used with 3M PPS adapter and disposable cups. Tert-butyl acetate solvent can be used to clean the spray gun. Running of acetone in final stages of cleaning is highly recommended.

An inexpensive handheld conventional atomizer that is used to spray sanitizer was used in this process. Surface was pre-cleaned with DAWN Platinum cleaning solution and finally rinse with acetone or isopropanol and dried. Do not use acetone on plastics. After application process, atomizer was run with tertiary-butyl acetate solvent and finally with ethyl alcohol to remove any leftover coating. Coated area can be seen under UV light.

Clean the surface with a degreaser such as Dawn Platinum. Finally, clean the surface with Isopropanol and let it dry. Apply wet INVESIL wipe uniformly with partial overlapping moves. Use UV light torch to check the coating application and uniformity. DO NOT randomly rub the coated surface as it will disturb adhesion chemistry.

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